Frequently Asked Questions



We are a local functional training gym in San Angelo, TX owned by a native San Angelo man, Brandon Smith, committed to serving our community through world-class coaching and well-balanced workouts with our MBSC Thrive licensed program.

At TFGU, we love helping people not only improve, but reach past their limitations. Our intention is to empower you to reach your fullest potential and live your best life.

With our back- and joint-friendly functional training Thrive program that takes place in semi-private sessions, you will receive everything you’d expect from one-on-one personal training with the added benefits of working out with a small, supportive, and strong community. If you’re ready to move better and feel better, we invite you to not just train, but THRIVE with us!

Come try us out to see what we mean - your first session is free! We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Notably, we have an in-house Physical Therapist to help keep you feeling your best!

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Can TFGU help me with weight loss, weight gain, strength and conditioning, etc?

Our program is effective, can be tailored to fit your specific needs, and, with the help of our Thrive Coaches, can be an asset in helping you achieve your goals.

If you are looking to kick-start your fitness journey or weight loss goals (or need that final boost you just can’t seem to achieve), take a look at our 6 Week Challenge.

Regardless of what your specific goals are, we recommend scheduling a free session (click the button below) with us so one of our Thrive Coaches can not only answer your questions, but SHOW you what they can do to help you. Hope to see you at TFGU!


I have back pain, knee pain, and I’m ____ years old.

While that’s not a question, we hear it all the time and we want you to know that we can help you too! We have clients in their 90s who are THRIVING with us. Some of our own coaches have had their own back stories that our program has helped improve greatly. We completely understand your concern and we want to prove ourselves to you, so check our testimonials page and then schedule a time to come in for a free session (button below) so you can experience for yourself how we can help you.


What are your hours?

All our sessions are trainer-led, so the best way to see our availability is by checking the calendar under the Schedule tab.


What is MBSC Thrive?

Mike Boyle is the founder of MBSC (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning) and is regarded by many as one of the top, if not THE top, strength & conditioning coaches in the world.

Time and effort spent training at an MBSC licensed facility will translate to feeling better, moving better, and performing better. Our MBSC Thrive Coaches go above and beyond personal training. They are passionate, dedicated, and committed to providing you with the best possible experience while helping you not only achieve your goals, but exceed them.

You can read more about MBSC Thrive here and we would love to tell you more about it, as well as help you experience it firsthand, so click the button below to come try us out for FREE today!